What we bring to the table

We’ve got a road map to success in any business landscape.

From deal evaluation to post-acquisition integration, Stony Point stays actively involved to ensure performance. Some specific activities include: participation in strategy formation and execution, assistance in selection/replacement of key managers, accountability to various operational and marketing metrics, and board member participation.



The process of selling a business is an emotional and unnerving experience for its owners, employees, customers and other constituents. Completing the process quickly provides a great advantage for the business being sold. This is especially true when the business being sold is financially distressed. Given our transaction and turnaround experience in distressed situations, Stony Point quickly evaluates and closes a transaction. On several occasions we have completed deals from introduction to closing in less than 40 days.


Our operating focus provides a great deal of flexibility because we purchase companies, divisions, subsidiaries, plants and processes. In certain cases, we are able to structure the transaction as either an asset purchase or a stock purchase.


At Stony Point, we take a very direct and straightforward approach in communicating our valuation and our assumptions to business sellers. Our experience in acquisitions and our process for evaluating businesses gives us a very high level of certainty that we can deliver and close on acquisitions in a timely manner and at the indicated price. Based on our track record, a seller can be certain that, once committed, we can deliver the deal we propose with no surprises.

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We're based in Asheville, N.C., and while our focus is on North America and the aerospace industry, we're also interested in international aerospace opportunities.

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