Stony Point Group


Stony Point's rock-solid core companies.

The Stony Point Group's current portfolio revolves around the TECT family of businesses. TECT currently consists of the TECT Aerospace and TECT Power business units. Stony Point brought these holdings together through strategic acquisitions to create integrated units that bring specialized technical offerings to their customers. This robust technical footprint coupled with TECT's vast experience makes TECT a leader in aerospace manufacturing. Learn more on the TECT website.

TECT Aerospace

TECT Aerospace manufactures a wide range of components and assemblies primarily for the aerospace industry. Its integrated supply chain offers customers a complete parts solution that streamlines the entire manufacturing and supply process into one value stream. TECT Aerospace specializes in complex 5-axis milling as well as complex structural and mechanical assemblies. Learn more on the TECT Aerospace website.

TECT Power

TECT Power manufactures turbine engine components for the aerospace and industrial sectors. It has six facilities throughout the U.S., and it specializes in manufacturing airfoils and critical rotating components. TECT Power also has the capabilities to forge, finish and even design turbine engine components. Learn more on the TECT Power website.