Stony Point Group

About Us

Where our journey started.

We've got Jet A running through our veins, but we offer much more than just aerospace manufacturing expertise. Ken Glass created The Stony Point Group in 1995 as a private equity and management firm that acquires high-tech manufacturing businesses. Over time the firm has evolved to become the family front office for Mr. Glass and his family.

We're based in Asheville, N.C., and while our focus is on North America and the aerospace industry, we're also interested in international opportunities and other industries. Stony Point looks to pair its exceptional management capabilities with niche technology acquisitions in any industry to make each business satisfy its customers' expectations profitably. We identify potential investment situations that allow us to acquire unique offerings and capabilities where we can bring new equity as well as new operational and management experience to the investment target. The firm's professional management team and background in turnaround management and manufacturing make it ideally qualified to solve supply chain issues.


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