Stony Point Group

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When you're ready to head in a new direction.

The Stony Point Group acquires manufacturing businesses to create integrated offerings that meet the needs of our portfolio companies' customers. When it comes to acquisitions, we look for businesses with niche technologies and annual revenues of up to $200 million. We seek opportunities with businesses that have strategic technology, and we especially look for businesses that have strategic and long-term relationships with their customer bases. Stony Point also utilizes its strength in reorganizing distressed businesses to acquire and turn around companies in financial distress, with issues ranging from limited cash flow to bankruptcy. We also evaluate companies in Chapter 11 and in a 363 sale process, and we prefer transactions where we have operating control to leverage our turnaround experience. For the majority of acquisitions, Stony Point utilizes a pool of internal capital for equity and asset- or cash-based loans for debt. If you are interested in a potential sale and your business meets these criteria, it's time to get your business moving forward with Stony Point.