Stony Point Group


Our proven track record of success.

The Stony Point Group has a history of success with acquiring high-tech businesses and increasing their profitability. One of these success stories started when Stony Point conducted the acquisition of the Utica Corporation out of bankruptcy in 1995. At that time, the operation consisted of two plants that were losing money. Stony Point stepped in and consolidated the operation into one facility to make the operation profitable and to better meet the customers' needs. But we didn't stop there. We integrated the Utica operation with Turbine Engines Corporation Textron to form TECT Power. By consolidating the infrastructure and reorganizing the selling process of these five separate entities into one unified offering, we actually grew the business in a post-September 11 economy. It's the prototypical Stony Point success story and it's exactly what we'd like to do for your high-tech business and your dedicated customers.