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Reorganizing distressed businesses is one of the core strengths of The Stony Point Group. We look for underperforming businesses and well-performing corporate orphans with niche technologies that we can transform into prospering companies through our well-established practices and old-fashioned hard work. After years of experience and many successful turnarounds, we're familiar with this process. We know the initial surge of energy upon acquisition, the growing pains that accompany structural changes that we call "the valley of despair," and most importantly, we know what it takes to foster the strong resurgence that leads to long-term improvement. There's no quick fix for an underperforming company, but Stony Point has the experience to put the right leadership in place and invest in the new technology to put an underperforming company back on the path to success.

30 Rules of the Game

The Stony Point Group's CEO, Ken Glass, has been in manufacturing for nearly 50 years and has taken on more than 400 turnarounds with an 80 percent success rate. He's learned a lot in the process and distilled it down to his 30 Rules of the Game for successfully managing a business.

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